“Envisioning tomorrow’s solutions today.”

Drawing upon natural community strengths, relying on partnerships with the child and family team to develop

creative, outcome focused, holistic health programs for children and families.

Zarephath offers a full spectrum of services that meet the practical needs of Arizona’s children, youth and families.

Our Services

Respite care lends caregivers a break from the everyday issues and stresses that many experience by providing a temporary community-based placement.
Life Skills
The Zarephath Life Skills Program is designed to enhance independent living skills while promoting economic and social self-sufficiency.
Zarephath aims to treat children who have experienced trauma in their lives with the use of a specialized treatment called, “Trauma-Focused, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” (TF-CBT).
Connecting Families
Family relationships are vital to the success of all children. Our Connecting Families Program assists families in learning techniques that create cohesion and healthy function within the household.


What Clients Say

Our Vision
Zarephath’s vision is to help families obtain optimal well-being, relief, and peace of mind by providing excellent care, including meaningful, safe and fun services for their children.
Our Mission
Zarephath’s mission is to provide effective services and comprehensive family support to those experiencing behavioral health challenges in Arizona.
CEO’s Message
At Zarephath we are committed to providing state-of-the-art respite services and life skills training. We believe that early intervention is essential to help children who are experiencing mental health and/or substance abuse issues to recover and results in a better quality of life for both the children and families that we serve.
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Being of Service to the Community
  • Culturally Relevant Care