Zarephath offers a full complement of services that meet the practical needs of Arizona’s children, youth and families. Services are tailored to improve child resiliency, allow caregivers to engage in a normal range of family activities and help family members regain their strength.

Zarephath believes collaboration with the child and family team is imperative to creating functional outcomes. Zarephath fosters community involvement at a grass-roots level to effect lasting natural supports. Zarephath utilizes best practices and proven evidence-based programs that are delivered in a culturally relevant manner. Zarephath’s ultimate goal is to create lasting health, stability and independence to the families we serve.

Respite care lends caregivers a break from the everyday issues and stresses that many experience by providing a temporary community-based placement. Planned respite is a powerful preventative tool that has proven to reduce crisis situations and loss of placement. Unplanned respite is also available to help reduce stress in the home and allow for a “cool down” period. Zarephath is committed to providing a safe, secure, culturally relevant and therapeutically sound respite service.
The Zarephath Life Skills Program is designed to enhance independent living skills while promoting economic and social self-sufficiency. Each youth in the program is assigned a Life Skills facilitator who develops an individualized service plan to include goals and timelines that will address and meet the youth’s identified needs. Our Life Skills program is based on two social competency models developed by Teen Challenge and Casey Family Programs and utilizes a research-based curriculum to remediate skills in multiple areas, including: community integration, finance management, educational improvement, social skill building, character development, healthy life choices and family support. The Zarephath Life Skills program provides services to youth between the ages of 8-17 and emphasizes the strengths, interests and talents of each youth involved. The strategies of our Life Skills facilitators include both the use of modeling and positive reinforcement to help strengthen learning and promote positive outcomes.
Zarephath aims to treat children who have experienced trauma in their lives with the use of a specialized treatment called, “Trauma-Focused, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” (TF-CBT). Many children who have suffered trauma in their lives experience symptoms that are dangerous to themselves or their loved ones. TF-CBT is typical to 12-24 week treatment which focuses on addressing the symptoms of trauma, including anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, anger, sexual abuse and depression. Parent or caregiver participation and support is necessary to create a sense of safety and engagement. Zarephath employs trained clinicians who complete individualized treatment plans tailored to meet each child and family’s unique behavioral health needs. Our clinicians focus on client and family driven care where treatment plans are structured around each family’s strengths and needs. Length of treatment at Zarephath varies depending on each child and family, and their individual treatment plan. Services take place in our office or in a community based location, such as the child’s home or school.
Family relationships are vital to the success of all children. Our Connecting Families Program assists families in learning techniques that create cohesion and healthy function within the household.
The Connecting Families program is done in conjunction with our Life Skills Program, where a child and/or youth are paired with a Life Skills Facilitator who provides individualized activities that promote healthy independence. Families are taught in a group format to facilitate communication and learning through true family interactions.

Our Connecting Families Program facilitates family discussion, coaching and activities in the following areas: Parental Engagement, Power of Parenting, Understanding Youth Substance Abuse, Talking to Youth about Drugs, Meal Planning, Meal Preparation and Monitoring Phone, Social Media, TV and Internet Use.

Family Support involves face-to-face interaction with a family directed toward restoration, enhancement or maintenance of family function to increase the family’s ability to effectively interact and care for themselves in the home and community. Family Support may involve activities such as assisting the family to adjust to the person’s disability, developing skills to effectively interact and/or manage the person, understanding the causes and treatment of behavioral health issues, understanding and effectively utilizing the system or planning long-term care for the person and family.
Supervised Day Programs are designed to improve the ability of a person to function in the community and may include the following rehabilitative and support services: skills training and development, behavioral health prevention/promotion, medication training and support, and self-help/peer services. Zarephath plans to offer the Supervised Day Program service both after school and as part of a day program on Saturdays or during school breaks. Comprehensive substance abuse programs can include respite weekends blended with a Saturday Drug Diversion or Seven Challenges program.
Zarephath offers education and training in individual or group settings to persons and/or their families related to the enrolled person’s service plan. Education and training sessions are usually presented using a standardized curriculum with the purpose of increasing the individual’s behavioral knowledge of a health-related topic such as the nature of an illness, relapse and symptom management, medication management, stress management, parenting skills education and healthy lifestyles (e.g. diet, exercise).
Zarephath provides safe and reliable transportation in both metro and rural areas to guarantee accessibility of services. All of our vans are newer models and are designed with client safety, comfort, and enjoyment in mind. Zarephath utilizes 12 passenger vans exclusively which have a shorter wheel base and have proven safer than the larger 15 passenger vans. Our 12 passenger vans are effective for transporting large groups efficiently as well as being spacious to allow for maximum comfort while keeping in line with Zarephath’s number one priority- client safety.